Creating a Professional Image for Your Home Based Business

The main problem in attracting clients towards your home-based business could be the manner in which home-based businesses are perceived in general. Your clients might not be right in assuming that by running your business from your home, you are not very serious about your business, but you can change their way of thinking by putting the following points into action:

Choose A Professional Sounding Business Name. In order to get off to a good start, make sure that your business name sounds professional. Use your business name on your business cards, letterhead and advertisements in order to create a professional impression on your clientele.

Dedicate A Specific Area Of Your Home For Your Business. Make sure to separate your office from the rest of your home. If possible, allocate a corner room with a separate entrance or your garage as your office. You do not want your clients walking through your kitchen or your children’s room when they visit your office. Your office should have appropriate tables, chairs, and other office equipment to give it a professional look.

Have a Dedicated Phone Line for Your Business. Make sure that you have a separate phone line or a mobile phone for your home-based business. This will prevent you from receiving personal calls during your office hours and allow you to concentrate on your business. Ensure that your office is isolated from normal home noises. Install an answering machine to handle calls if you are busy. Answer the phone in a professional manner.

Have A Professional Website. If you are promoting your business through a Website, then your website should be professionally designed. Your domain name and your email address should reflect your business name instead of your personal name. Answer your email in a timely manner and make sure you ship your items quickly.

Do Not Make Excuses. If you are unable to finish a customers order in a timely manner then do not make excuses citing problems at home. This will only project an impression that you are overwhelmed and your clients might not appreciate such unprofessional behavior. Try to handle your household affairs after your work is completed. 
You must work extremely hard to create a professional image for your home-based business so that you can convince your potential clients that your home-based business is as good as, if not better than a brick and mortar office.

OK, get busy now!

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One thought on “Creating a Professional Image for Your Home Based Business

  1. Mandy Allen says:

    Point 2 is really important. Lots of people try to work from home and end up on the kitchen table or some other such place. It really doesn’t work like that. A dedicated place is so very important. Somewhere you can close the door and it says ‘I’m working right now’.

    Enjoy the journey.


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