Aerobics and Your Heart

Everyone knows that aerobics is good for your body but it is also beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart. Thirty minutes of daily aerobic activity such as walking, bicycling, or swimming can help you live longer and healthier. Aerobics has both short and long term benefits. Aerobics is beneficial in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It also improves your immune system. If aerobics is done daily, it may lower your risk for heart disease. Vigorous aerobic exercise can help improve the fitness of the lungs and heart which is even more beneficial to the heart. Aerobics forces the heart and lungs to work harder.  Aerobic exercise increases lung capacity and strengthens the heart muscle. Doing aerobic exercise everyday forces your heart to work harder which makes it stronger. A stronger and healthier heart allows you to do aerobics for a longer period of time. Aerobic exercise can condition your heart and lungs if performed at the proper intensity level for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week. People swear that doing aerobics makes them feel healthy and helps to improve every aspect of their life. If you are just starting your workout program, you have to gradually work your way up to doing aerobic exercise for 30-40 minutes. Aerobic activity is safe for most people but it’s important to get a doctor’s ok first. Aerobics is beneficial for people who want to become healthier.

 Regular physical activity helps you feel better by giving you more energy, providing stress relief, and improving your sleep. It also helps you look better by toning your muscles and aiding in weight loss. Regular physical activity also helps you work better by increasing your capacity for physical work, helps you build stamina and muscle strength, and helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently. When you look at aerobics and heart health, you are going to see that the more aerobics you can do the healthier your heart is going to become and the better your heart will work for you.



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