Tragedy Turned Into Productivity and Success

I imagine that most of you have already heard about the east coast blizzard by now. It started snowing Friday evening, slowly and then around 6 pm it was really coming down. By Saturday morning we already had 1 1/2 feet of snow and ice. Then just as I finished breakfast and posted on my blog…..Whammoo! Power gone! Single digit temperatures and an all electric home, oh yeh I forgot to mention 4 adoped dogs.

My wife had gone into work night shift at the Pentagon and took extra clothes expecting to have to stay overnight, which turned into three nights. I manned the house and the animals thinking well of myself by installing a small propane fireplace so I could stay at the house and not have to find a place for the animals.

Bordum is a little word that has a major affect on someone who is stuck in a house with no tv, radio or COMPUTER! Very frustrating….but then a bright idea….get the laptop out and hook up the broadband…alas no phone coverage over land line or cell service. Grrrrrr. So obviously I did not make the webinar I was to attend at 1pm. But I did have a lot of time on my hands to practice my singing and guitar. I’m trying to improve so I can play with the big dogs on the porch in Arkansas. Now the dogs were getting bored.

Now finally adjusted to no connectivity, I started to figure out what I wanted to start clearing first, the sidewalk or 100 foot driveway….hmmmmmm I figured the sidewalk was a good choice. It was still snowing at this point, but Sunday Morning was a bright sunshiny day although very cold. The food in the freezer and refrigerator was getting warm, so I used the front porch as the freezer and back room which I built for the hot tub became my refrigerator.  While I was doing this, around 7:30 am a knock came at the door. A young guy wanted to clear my driveway for $40. Of course I said yes. Ok, two more problems solved, time for more bordum.

This was suppose to be a good weekend for me, wife working, a webinar at 1pm, ARCA Race t 4:30pm, and Budwieser Shootout in the evening on Saturday and the Superbowl on Sunday. Oh well, time for reflection and dosing off here and there.

My wife finally got out of the Pentagon parking lot Monday morning and was home by around 6:30 am. She went to bed and I continued to be bored until she got up and started complaining about no power, which I didn’t want to hear about. She gave me direction to go buy dinner and bring it home, so I did and we ate and just as we finished…TA DA! Power restored!

Monday night was a lot of catching up with my business, emails, FACEBOOK, and of course Farmville. I lost my whole crop…oh my.

The bottom line here is that no matter how well you plan, you have to allow for change and be able to role with what is delt you to succeed. While being snowed in with no power I managed to find a way to fix meals (gas grill worked great), stay warm (gas fireplace), keep the food safe (using the natural cold), improved my playing and singing (lots of time to do this that I can’t normally find). My webinar with Kim Roach was recorded, so I can download that this week, the ARCA and Budwieser Shootout will be replayed on SPEED Channel this week, and my team wasn’t in the superbowl but if I want to watch it, the NFL Channel is relaying that.

In reality, I didn’t miss a thing and found time to play with the dogs, and improve my music. While I did lose my crop in Farmville, it is not real and I planted anouther crop last night.

So like my good friend Don “Hoss” Waugh says “Every day is a good day. If you don’t believe it, try skipping one.”

To Your Incredible Success!

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