WordPress – The most used Platform on the Web.

WordPress ClassroomBlogging is familiar the World-Over now, and here’s a good reason for this. It’s an easy platform to use to get your work noticed out on the World Wide Web. There are almost no restrictions. Not so long ago, unless you could write the most professional content, publishing houses wouldn’t want to know you. With Blogs, anyone with an ability to write, or upload pictures, can get exposure. The WordPress Platform provides the base. Plugins provide specific code to accomplish things you wish to add. Some plugins that most people use include Search Engine Optimization, Forums, Membership, eStore, Advertisement, Gallery, Location Map, Site Map, Google Analytics….you get the idea. There our thousands of free or premium plugins for you to use.

WordPress -The Four Reasons

1. What do you want your site to be about? What do you want to tell the World? Do you have a business you wish to promote, and need a highly versatile, adaptable platform from which to run it? You’ll need something which supports easy editing, and adding new material to it as develops and matures. WordPress will handle all this with an ease that may surprise you. Maybe it’ll stretch your imagination too, and prompt you to think of new approaches for your business marketing strategy, once you see just how much you can do with it.

2. WordPress uses “Plug-ins” which are additional software downloads that you simply plug-in to your WP software. Search Google for WP plug-ins that support name and email collection codes for your newsletter. Then offer a freebie in exchange for your visitor’s details and when you have a few names collected, Google again – for a feedback or survey plug-in to solicit feedback from those same visitors who signed in to your site. You could of course just ask visitors straight from the page Ask them if they like your theme, and the content you’re offering them. Now use their feedback to create a better, more attractive site for them. You can snowball this to create a really wonderful site. All thanks to WP.

3. Some Blogging platforms are better than others, and this is where we focus in on WordPress, over others such as Blogger.com. This is because it’s self-hosted and belongs to you accordingly. It’s better if you can self-host because then you’ve 100% control over all you do with it. WordPress.com is an easier option, but rather sensitive to content that promotes in the commercial sense; and after all, making a profit online is what you’re all about. WP is definitely the way to go.

4. Another good feature of WordPress blogging platforms is pagination. You may wish to add separate pages to your website, and WordPress facilitates features which support such things as contact-me, site map, home, articles, and privacy statement pages. You may wish to be more diverse and discuss related sub-niches too, besides your main niche; so use additional pages for this – in all just a couple of clicks away.

WordPress Classroom

You already know that I just love the WordPress platform. Almost everyone who is anyone on the internet uses it. Why? That is easy….cost! The cost is zero to download the platform and there are a bunch of free themes for the looks and hundreds of free plug-ins to make your site do almost anything you can imagine, and some you can’t imagine. You can also have custom themes and plugins created by a multitude of developers for very affordable costs. The other good thing is that you do not have to add all the options at one time. You can add options as you need them.

So how do you learn how to use WordPress to the fullest? Good question, and I have the answer, it is Matt Wolfe’s WordPress Classroom 2.0. Just click the banner to get access to some F*R*E*E WordPress video’s. These will help you set up a WP site of your own. Then if you really want to learn about all that WP can do, upgrade to the Pro version and get access to a bunch more of step by step learning videos, a Traffic Exchange, a Forum with direct access to Matt’s and others expertise, plus extra Bonus’s right from the site. There is new content every month, and if you have a video request on a specific topic, Matt will be glad to accommodate you.

I’ve been a Pro user of WordPress Classroom since 2009 and Matt has helped me dramatically improve my business and always provides additional content on a regular basis. I know that WordPress Classroom could help you as it helped me. I also believe that this will be one of your most valued tools if you are looking to use WordPress.

WordPress – You really need to check this out for yourself.
WordPress Classroom


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Anyone can use WordPress software and my advice to you is to learn WP because it’s probably the most versatile and easy ways to build a professional looking website for your online business platform.

This is due to the 100% flexible, customizable nature of WP. You can upload WP from either their own .com website, or if you have a web hosting platform, from there instead. From its own .com site, it’s free, but they can tend to favor non-commercially based sites, and lack the complete flexibility you get from self-hosting. However, you shouldn’t let that deter you, as both ways are really good.

Here are 6 points to consider for using the WordPress software Blogging platform: Read the rest of this entry

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