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I have personally been a member WordPress Classroom for several years. I can also state that of all the training I have seen, Matt Wolfes’ WordPress Classroom is THE BEST training for using and optimizing WordPress. Now this is saying a lot, but it is true.

I found WP training here and there after doing searches and wasting a lot of my valuable time and money, and then being disappointed from the outcome. Then I found a link to Matt’s FREE Videos on WordPress Classroom. To be honest with you I learned more from the free videos than the training I purchased from other vendors. All this information in one place for one price…FREE.

I was totally amazed by the content and presentation. Another thing I liked was length of the videos, short and to the point. All of the training is focused to individual topics so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

So what kind of training is offered? Well below is a list of the free videos, so you can get an idea of what Matt has to offer.

WordPress Classroom – FREE VIDEO TOPICS

The Basics

Purchasing a Domain

Purchasing Hosting

Linking Domain to Host

Installing WordPress (Fantastico)

Installing WordPress (Manual Install)

Installing a Free Theme

Adding Your E-mail to your Domain

Installing Google Analytics (WordPress Plugin)

Installing Google Analytics (Manually)

Threaded Comments


Installing the Twitter Widget

Hiding Affiliate Links

Add an Opt-in Box to your Sidebar

Add an Avatar Next to Blog Comments

Add a Contact Form to your Blog

Make Money With The WordPress Classroom 2.0

Now that you know the basic stuff, if you upgrade to WordPress Classroom 2.0 Pro there are 59 videos (as of 30 August 2010) (update: 24 March 2013 – over 150 videos) and new videos being added all the time. As a matter of fact you can request that Matt makes a specific video.

There is a very active forum on the site where you can learn from each others experiences as well as get specific direction from Matt (he is in there all the time). You also have a chance to help others in here. Did you know that by helping others that you can gain traffic and members for your site? (update: I am the main WordPress Classroom Forum Moderator)

WordPress Classroom – Forum

Within the forum there is even a specific area for creating Joint Ventures, ad trades, guest posting, and link trading. This can help you grow your business and make friends with other marketers in your niche.

WordPress Classroom – Traffic Exchange

Matt offer’s a Traffic Exchange area where you can add your site(s) and find other sites that you can comment on to create links to your site(s) and in turn others can comment on your site.

There are also free WP Themes, bonus gifts and more.

I have not found much to complain about on this site. I have never been disappointed with anything about this site. Matt loves to get input from his clients and makes changes to please. He really cares about his members and wants people to feel at home.

I am still a paid member of WordPress Classroom and I’m not planning on moving anywhere else for a long time to come. I like that WordPress Classroom help people that are just starting out all the way to some of the big name marketers. If you want to know more, I have written more about the WordPress Classroom in my Marketing Tool and Methods area.

 WordPress Classroom

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