The main problem in attracting clients towards your home-based business could be the manner in which home-based businesses are perceived in general. Your clients might not be right in assuming that by running your business from your home, you are not very serious about your business, but you can change their way of thinking by putting the following points into action:

Choose A Professional Sounding Business Name. In order to get off to a good start, make sure that your business name sounds professional. Use your business name on your business cards, letterhead and advertisements in order to create a professional impression on your clientele.

Dedicate A Specific Area Of Your Home For Your Business. Make sure to separate your office from the rest of your home. If possible, allocate a corner room with a separate entrance or your garage as your office. You do not want your clients walking through your kitchen or your children’s room when they visit your office. Your office should have appropriate tables, chairs, and other office equipment to give it a professional look.

Have a Dedicated Phone Line for Your Business. Make sure that you have a separate phone line or a mobile phone for your home-based business. This will prevent you from receiving personal calls during your office hours and allow you to concentrate on your business. Ensure that your office is isolated from normal home noises. Install an answering machine to handle calls if you are busy. Answer the phone in a professional manner.

Have A Professional Website. If you are promoting your business through a Website, then your website should be professionally designed. Your domain name and your email address should reflect your business name instead of your personal name. Answer your email in a timely manner and make sure you ship your items quickly.

Do Not Make Excuses. If you are unable to finish a customers order in a timely manner then do not make excuses citing problems at home. This will only project an impression that you are overwhelmed and your clients might not appreciate such unprofessional behavior. Try to handle your household affairs after your work is completed. 
You must work extremely hard to create a professional image for your home-based business so that you can convince your potential clients that your home-based business is as good as, if not better than a brick and mortar office.

OK, get busy now!

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Is This Mike Filsaime’s Best Product?

Hi Guys,
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PS – Mike is not sure how long he is giving this away for free to his newsletter
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Common Myths about Running a Home Based Business

Running your own home based business is not the easiest thing to do. It takes proper knowledge and a lot of effort. Starting a home based business is not cheap although you may be able to save a lot of money by operating online which reduces your overhead. It is a common myth that it is easy to start such a business and become wealthy overnight and it is not. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Common Myths

1.  Easy for anyone to start: The most common myth is that it is very easy to start any online business if you have an Internet connection and a PC. The fact is that it is not so simple. You have huge amounts of information that you need to collect and utilize if you want to be successful. There will be different voices of different experts. You have to learn to earn by trial and error. You will be able to build up your business slowly, patiently.

2.  Get wealthy overnight: It is next to impossible to find a business that can make you wealthy overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

3.  Build a website and relax: Creating a website does not guarantee that your on line business will be successful. You will need to market your website so that you can get traffic to it. It also takes a lot of hard work to create a great looking website. You have to keep various things in mind before you launch your website. You need to have a good name and a good host also. You have to market and advertise your website. You will always need to develop good content, which complies with the needs of search engines and this is very tedious and time consuming. You have to use keywords that help search engine spiders find and index your website for relevant searches. You have to update your website regularly and keep up with the latest trends.

4.  No need to spend on marketing: You definitely need to spend on marketing your online business. You can do it in various ways. You can design a small classified advertisement to place on some other sites, newspapers, etc. You also have the option to make use of affiliate marketing.

5.  No need to meet people at all: You can handle some routine communication via email but you cannot get customers without meeting them personally. An initial level of communication needs to happen face to face or over the phone. Then only you would be successfully be able to move ahead and complete the relationship even via email. However, if you want to maintain a relationship with customers and it is imperative to retain them, it is necessary that you talk to them personally.

6.  You can put things on autopilot: Though to a certain extent you can automate a few things, you cannot simply put it on autopilot. However, this free time that you get because of automation you should put in to bring in more business.

Creating a good online business is possible if you face reality. Be ready to put in lots of time, effort, and patience to achieve your goal. It can be very fruitful only with lots of hard work.


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Weeks 9 and 10 – Marketing Masterclass

Hi Everyone,

Week 9 of the Masterclass was to continue to define our niche and researching what type of product we were going to produce and evolve into an eBook.  We did research all over the internet and our last and final place we checked was ClickBank to determine if our niche and product was a viable selection.  My wife and I made a final decision that our first niche would be “Green Technologies” as I indicated in week 8.  Our first product which we are working on is an eBook that explains what renewable energy is.  So of course we thought a good title would be “Renewable Energy Explained” and we are hard at work making our product the best it can be.

Week 10 (this past week) we were to accomplish several things to move us forward.  First we had to finalize our product name, which my wife and I did last week.  Next was to order a domain name for the product.  So, I went to D9 Hosting to see if my product name was available in a domain name (which it was) and then I ordered and registered the name for our business through D9 Hosting.  Next on the list, John wanted us to develop the chapter titles of our eBook.  We already had our product in an outline format, so we were already done with this phase.

The last thing we were to accomplish was to order our eBook web site template through Planet Divinity.  This was something I was really excited about.  When we built our current site it was very bland until we had the chance to order and install our Header and Footer graphics through Planet Divinity.  I remember that it was the first time I felt proud to have a web site out there where everyone could see it.

This time, ordering from Planet Divinity was the same experience.  I went to the site, ordered the package, paid for it then was taken to a page to explain the details I wanted in it.  It was very easy and took about 5 minutes.  In less than 48 hours Steve at Planet Divinity had my whole package (eBook web site template) done.  Besides that I had asked him to do the graphics for my eBook cover and the 12 chapters with the titles.  You guessed it, it all came in the same email.  Easy to order, work accomplished FAST and great looking.  What else could you expect.  I’ve come to expect excellence from Planet Divinity and why not?  They have ALWAYS performed that way.

Now we get down to Week 11.  I can’t wait to see my product site!!


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Like the “GREEN” posts?

If you are enjoying the little “Green” tidbits we have been blogging, check out our new site and blog at There is also a  link in the top/right column.

We decided everyone needs to “Go Green” to some extent to improve our world.  We are not fanatics about, just doing what fits how we live.  We are doing simple things like florescent lights vice incandescent bulbs (replacing them as they burn out), keeping the appropriate air in our vehicles tires, etc.  

I intend to write an entire blof about this on our “Green” site just to let people know how easy it is to help the environment all over the world.


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The Benefits of Car Donation

One of the greatest benefits of donating a car to charity is that you are eligible for a tax deduction. The tax write off is based on what the charity sold your car for which is usually a great deal more than you would get by selling it. The charity must be classified by the IRS as a 501 (c). Car donations account for 80-90 % of some charities annual revenue so you can see how important car donation is. You can also feel good about donating your car because you are helping someone else.

My husband and I have donated two cars to Toys for Tots. We donated our cars through The whole process was extremely simple and done completely on line. The only thing I had to do was mail the charity the car title. The vehicle is towed away at your convenience and there is no towing fee. It is a lot simpler than trying to sell your old car or haggling with a car dealer for a fair trade-in value. When you donate a car to charity, the car is not required to be in good running condition but you must have the car title. Probably the hardest part of donating your car to charity is determining which charity that you want to donate it to. You can donate your car to large national organizations or you can donate it to a local agency so that your own community can benefit from your generosity. One hundred percent of the money made from the car donation goes to the charity. So if you have a car that’s no longer running or one that’s in good shape but simply not worth the trouble of selling why not donate it. You’ll be glad you did.


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