Marty Stuart – Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions – Release


 Marty Stuart
Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions
Release date: August 24, 2010

(Nashville, Tenn.–May 11, 2010) GRAMMY-winner and American music icon Marty Stuart is set to release a traditional country album GHOST TRAIN: THE STUDIO B SESSIONS on August 24, 2010. With his 14th studio album, Stuart steadily continues to lead the charge in preserving the roots, culture and history of traditional country music.

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“What inspires me now, is traditional country music,” says Stuart. “It’s the music I most cherish, the culture in which I was raised. The bedrock upon which the empire of country music is built, the empowering force that provides this genre with lasting credibility. This is beyond trends and it’s timeless. With all that being said, I found traditional country music to be on the verge of extinction. It’s too precious to let slip away. I wanted to attempt to write a new chapter.”

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Ghost Train: The Studio B sessions

That new chapter is GHOST TRAIN: THE STUDIO B SESSIONS which includes such unmitigated country staples as the male-female duet (the gorgeous, heartfelt “I Run to You,” written and sung with Connie Smith), the chugging, bluesy—and spooky— fellow Mississippian Jimmie Rodgers-like train song “Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten,” steel guitar driven, hardcore heartbreak ballads such as “A World Without You,” and “Drifting Apart,” and a no-flinching directness is front and center in the premiere of “Hangman,” a pointed, harrowing tale of an executioner’s job and life that Stuart co-wrote with Johnny Cash just four days before the Man in Black passed away.

As the album title denotes, GHOST TRAIN: THE STUDIO B SESSIONS was recorded in the legendary RCA Studio B in Nashville, where Stuart participated in his first-ever recording session at the age of 13 playing mandolin in Lester Flatt’s band.

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“Studio B has a profound pedigree; it’s where so much of American music’s legacy was forged, certainly country music’s,” says Stuart. “And sonically, this is a room that welcomes music. It seemed to me that in order to authentically stage a brand new traditional country music record we should bring it back to the scene of the crime.”


1. Branded
(written by Marty Stuart)

2. Country Boy Rock & Roll
(written by Don Reno)

3. Drifting Apart
(written by Marty Stuart)

4. Bridge Washed Out
(written by Warner Mack)

5. A World Without You
(written by Marty Stuart and Connie Smith)

6. Hummingbyrd
(written by Marty Stuart)

7. Hangman
(written by Marty Stuart and Johnny Cash)

8. Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten
(written by Marty Stuart)

9. Hard Working Man
(written by Marty Stuart)

10. I Run To You
(written by Marty Stuart and Connie Smith)

11. Crazy Arms
(written by Ralph E. Mooney and Charles P. Seals)

12. Porter Wagoner’s Grave
(written by Marty Stuart)

13. Little Heartbreaker
(written by Marty Stuart and Ralph E. Mooney)

14. Mississippi Railroad Blues
(written by Marty Stuart)

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