One of the best ways to get more traffic to your site is to rank high with the search engines. While there are many factors that help with search engine ranking, one of the biggest is the amount of inbound links (also known as back links) to your site. Setting up back links to your site is a process called link building. Here are 3 great tips for link building.

Tip #1: Adding Content to the Web

The first way to build links back to your site is to post content on the Web. Content is anything that you put on any site that has a back link to your site. A few great examples of content are article writing, writing blogs, and creating social networking pages. Social networking sites are especially popular right now. They provide an opportunity to make multiple back links and they are fun and easy to set-up.

Writing articles and blogs can also be very quick and easy. The great thing about writing articles and then submitting them is that other people can take your article and post it on their site. This then creates another back link for your site.

Tip #2: Bookmarking

The second tip for link building is to bookmark all the content you put on the Web. Every time you create new content you want to go to all of the major social bookmarking pages and submit your new content. This will create instant back links.

Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites include: Digg, StumbleUpon, ShoutWire, Zimbio, and Mixx. Be sure to submit all the content you put on the Web and make sure you submit the link to every social bookmarking site you can find.

Tip #3: Buying Links

The last tip for link building is to buy links to your site. This can be a great way to get back links but you do have to be careful. There are two main types of links that you pay for: You can pay to be on one popular site or you can pay to have several back links put all over the Internet.

If you decide you want to pay money to get your link on a site that’s popular, just make sure you are using a site that’s very popular. The search engines will boost your rating if you’re associated with a very popular site, but only if the site is more popular than your own site.

If you decide you want to pay to have 100 or more back links spread throughout the Internet then you need to make sure all those back links don’t get thrown in place all at once. They need to be placed over time. Otherwise the search engines will recognize all the sudden links as SPAM and you’ll actually get punished for such an action.

3 great tips for link building are adding content to the Web, bookmarking, and buying links. All three of these link building methods will work very well if you do them correctly.

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